Low Vision Rehabilitation Helps the Legally Blind To See Again
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Low Vision Rehabilitation Helps the Legally Blind To See Again

As strange as it may sound most of the people labeled as being blind still have some sight left. Thanks to the developments in the field or rehabilitative vision, this small left vision can easily be made use of to improve or ease daily life. It is very important to understand the fact that anyone withlow visionisvisually impairedand hence subject to many problems ranging from minor to severe difficulty. Keep in mind, at the moment, there are two general classifications oflow visionin use today. These are partial and legal blindness.

It is also very important to understand the fact thatlow visiontakes many forms and exists in varying degrees. This being the case, it is very important to understand the fact that the visual acuity alone is not enough to predict the degree of the problem. Below is also an overview of the types of commonlow vision:

  1. Low of central vision- it makes it difficult to read or even recognize faces and details in the distance.
  2. Loss of side vision-it majorly affects mobility and slow reading since the person only gets to see a few words at a time.
  3. Blurred vision-it makes objects both near and far seem out of focus.
  4. Generalized haze- the sensation of a film or glare seems to extend over the entire viewing field producing patterns of relatively severe vision loss.
  5. Extreme light sensitivity- it exists when the standard levels of illumination overwhelms the visual system and as a result producing a washed out image. For people with extreme light sensitivity, pain and discomfort can be experienced.
  6. Night blindness- it is the inability to see outside at night under starlight or moonlight.

Depending on what you settle for, it is important to understand the fact that yourlow vision rehabilitationsolution should be advised by a specializedVision Rehabilitation Therapist.

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