Low Vision Devices Providing Hope for the Visually Impaired
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Low Vision Devices  Providing  Hope for the Visually Impaired


       Are you having trouble seeing properly enough to read? Are you having trouble watching TV or writing checks? Well, if yes then you may need to see a low vision rehabilitation specialist and also get to understand the fact that: these are simple some of the daily tasks which stand to become very difficult with low vision or better yet vision loss. It is important to understand the fact that even though these conditions with the eyes are not treatable, there are several solutions to making them better for instance video magnifier and that there is hope.


     Perhaps there might not be a cure for your eye disease but there are certainly low vision devices which can help you to do some of the things which your limited sight may otherwise not allow you to do. It is important to understand the fact that most eye diseases usually do not result into total blindness. This is because there is most often some useable sight remaining and which is enough to regain independent living skills once proper magnification or illumination is brought about. Simply put, you are not visually impaired if you have some usable vision.


      Looking back, telescopes and strong magnifiers were by far the only tools which the visually impaired had access to. Although these older devices are still useful, at the moment, there are countless obstacles for those with limited sight. For instance, when magnification is increased, the field of view is greatly reduced. This effect is clearly evident when using binoculars.  Magnification can either be increased or reduced plus at the moment there are low vision doctors who recommend low vision rehabilitation and other tools to individuals which low vision. Remember, most of the standard devices which are recommended by low vision specialist are very helpful in making the condition better hence the reason you are advised to consider them.

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