Low Vision at a glance
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Low Vision at a glance


Low vision is a condition in which an individual is diagnosed with partial sight problems. This condition is not operable and characteristic of several symptoms such as tunnel vision, legal or total blindness amongst others. There are several known causes of low vision. For instance, besides injuries to the eyes, there are a series of other diseases which have been found to cause this condition. 


As strange as it may sound, for some people, low vision is a hereditary issue while in others it is caused by lack of acuity which simply means that objects never seem to come into focus prompting the use of low vision aids or a reading magnifier. Some low vision sufferers have a very hard time distinguishing colors or find it hard to see contracts or even determine spatial relationships between objects. In such cases using a magnifier for low vision will go a long way in helping improve sight.


Another very important thing to take note of is the fact that just about anyone can be affected by low vision. As a matter of fact, there are several dangerous factors which are associated with this ailment which include, safe driving, viewing of objects as well as reading quickly. Speaking of reading quickly, you may need to consider using a reading magnifier.


From the above, it is clearly evident that people with low vision will often find it very difficult to live an independent life. It is for this reason that some become overly dependent on friends and family. You will be glad to learn that there are several low vision devices and treatments which individuals can use to cope with their vision impairment. All you need is simply to have the doctor evaluate the severity of your low vision problem and have a particular low vision aid recommended for you. 

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