Low Vision and an overview of Its Effect on seniors as well as the Elderly
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Low Vision and an overview of Its Effect on seniors as well as the Elderly

What is low vision? This is a progressive eye condition which according to reports affects as much as 15 million people across the globe. More specifically, this condition involves the attack of the macula of the eye which in case you are not aware is by far the sharpest central vision area. As much as this condition rarely leads to complete blindness, it is very important to note that the individual is robbed of the outermost, peripheral vision as a result only leaving him with a dim image or in some cases black holes at the center of vision.

Below is an overview of some of the causes of AMD, they include:

i. Mascular degeneration

ii. Diabetes

iii. Glaucoma

iv. Retinitis Pigmentosa as well as Cognital neurologic

v. Neurologic

It is very important to understand and accept the fact that AMD has been found to affect senior members of the family in a variety of ways as a result turning even the most basic tasks of daily living into an exercise. Below are highlights of some of the key ways through which low vision stands to affect your elderly loved one. They include:

a. Negatively affecting daily activities such as bathing, eating, dressing, moving around etc. This is clearly evident from the fact that any attempt to try out any of these activities ends up leaving the affected elderly individual in a precarious situation.

b. Negatively impacting driving in the sense that understanding combination of skills required to drive are compromised. This coupled by in adequate lighting stands to place the elderly in danger.

c. Negatively impacts social life. In case you are not aware low vision has a tendency to limit senior citizens to their homes (comfort zones). This is clearly supported by the fact that adults who are dealing with low vision tend to have a hard time moving around unfamiliar territory compared to moving around in their homes or any other familiar grounds.

Good news is low vision is treatable as in the condition can be improved for instance by reaching out to a vision Rehabilitation Therapist who will then employ different low vision rehabilitation treatment techniques. Everything taken into consideration, it is important to make sure if your elderly loved one is experiencing low vision as a result of age related macular degeneration, you should immediately contact a low vision rehabilitation specialist for assistance on how you loved one can utilize their remaining vision in the most optimal manner possible.

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