Is Being Visually Impaired in any way the same as Being Legally Blind?
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Is Being Visually Impaired in any way the same as Being Legally Blind?

Just like many people, you may be wondering whether being visually impaired is the same as being legally blind.  well, just so you know, being visually impaired simply means that your vision is either affected by visual problems such as you having no peripheral vision, having problem seeing in certain areas, generally have low eye sight as well as not being able to see in 3 dimension or see in color.

Being legally blind on the other hand simply means that your vision is 5% and less or that your visual impairment is so severe that the percentage of actual vision is in the same category.

One thing which I have personally come to lean about is the fact that: in spite of poor eyesight, it is extremely amazing to see how acute other senses tend to develop as time goes by. As strange as it may sound, it is true. As time goes by, if you are visually impaired, you will find yourself paying close attention to all the information which other sense give you. In fact, you will be very different from other people most of whom unfortunately rely on so much visual cues. Generally speaking, you will realize that you are more than able to explain or describe an activity without necessarily forgetting important steps such as how to properly guide somebody else effectively, how to act around or with a guide dog etc.

You will be glad to learn that as time goes by, you will be able to learn the emotional up and downs which are associated with facing the difficulties related to gradually becoming legally blind including the best approach to becoming independent. everything taken into consideration, not only will being visually impaired help you realize the actual benefit of sight, it will equally help you figure out the best way to survive in the world in which you have no sight.

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