Abseiling for Guide Dogs
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Fund Raising for Guide Dogs Portsmouth

It was a nice but very chilly Sunday afternoon when a few brave volunteers from Guide Dogs of Portsmouth, took on a challenge to raise funds for their charity.

They hoped to raise a staggering £5000 to help funding for the training of young puppies.


The dogs need to be allocated to the right person to match their height and the speed they walk, so it is not just the matter of giving someone a dog and hope they will be suited, a great deal of planning is involved which also means there is always a cost as well, and that is why events like these are so important to the charity.

Two of the volunteers on the day were Julie Duffy and her son Liam, Julie found the experience awesome  and going over the edge for the first time a little scary, but Julie said it was for a good cause and if she could raise some money to help the charity, therefore in turn that will be helping other people like herself as Julie is blind and has a guide dog herself.

For more information about Guide Dogs for the Blind visit their website.

Story by : David Taylor

Portsmouth : Sunday 17th April 2016

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