World Wide Solutions for Visually Impaired!!
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World Wide Solutions for Visually Impaired!!

World Wide Solutions for Visually Impaired!!

Our world has so many problems that given the right amount of Compassion, Finances, and Applications we could work together as one to solve! Recourse’s and shared Technology and Education are the main lack of action in areas on our Worlds Stage considered to be behind. With our Technology, we in general take for granted, is beginning to level the playing field for various areas!! Blind and Visually Impaired are finally able to be Educated as a Prime Example!!

Advancements in Technology and Visual Aides allow people otherwise at a disadvantage to finally become Educated on the same level as ANYONE else! If you look online there are so many various stories of people of Blindness or Visual Impairment that are found as Inspirations and perform Accomplishments that are considered Wondrous and Amazing! Technology and Visual Aides have unlocked the potential of the minds otherwise locked behind Blindness and Visual Impairment!

I am a Blind Graphic Designer, Apple, Google Developer, as well as Educator- I can honestly say that without Visual Aides I wouldn’t be able to offer the Educational Computer Training I Provide. There are Companies (Freedom Eye ) that make it their passion and Business to share these advancements Globally. Over the next 10 years due to these companies you will see the TRUE potential of such an underestimated and Segregated Group- Blind and Visually Impaired. If we as people use the same care and compassion that recently have released so many talented minds, what else could we accomplish?

Thank You,

By Dennis Anness

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