Blindness & Low Vision’s World Today
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Blindness & Low Vision’s World Today

Blindness & Low Vision’s World Today

Days of past, and the lives and history of lifestyle and the Treatment of the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Various times throughout our recorded history, those of Blindness were portrayed as invalids, paupers, as well as helpless beggars. It remained the opinion of the common public for Centuries. In even recent history the Blind were put into institutions along with those of Mental Disabilities, in Schools the children were separated, and taught little. Today I even know people of Blindness that as a child competed in the Special Olympics, and their Mobility Training consisted of being handed a cane and sent up the street to retrieve another’s Dry Cleaning. Until Braille there was very limited education available. With the creation of Braille based off of the French Language it took quite some time for others to learn the patterns of Braille, and even longer to instruct or educate others. To say the3 least History hasn’t been Kind to the Blind….

The Discovery of the Blind Mind & Todays Advancements in Lifestyle & Technology

We live in an ever evolving and changing Society and Acceptable Cultures. The world today has made advancements in so very many ways. The overall outlook has made considerable advancements, but overall the same opinion remains, Blind and Visually Impaired are Handicap. The difference is that today there are Blind Individuals who are being found to be Amazing as well as Awe Inspiring. Here are a few simple facts about those of Blindness- Generally speaking- The Blind have Normal Minds!!! If not, minds that some considered advanced do to the ability to use other senses differently. The Advances that are beginning to set us apart are Technological! There are so many various aides for all areas of a total Independent life without sight.

Companies that offer these aides and the access they provide the Blind and Visually Impaired are truly life givers, As a Blind Man, I personally use these aides to their fullest, which enables me to be a Graphic Developer, Apple Developer, as well as a Google Developer. The tools necessary to unleash the Blind Mind are HERE and constantly evolving!!

By Dennis Anness

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