Magnifiers that Work Best in Different Circumstances
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Magnifiers that Work Best in Different Circumstances

There are different circumstances that face different types of people and which need different low vision devices. For example if you happen to be an avid reader, you will find that simple magnifiers hardly help you withhold the needed concentration for a long period of time. This is because it will enlarge a few words on the page and if you are reading a book such as a novel then you will need something that can scan an expanded field of view in order to see and process information fast.

Another limitation of handheld magnifiers is that they can't be used for task-specific activities such as knitting, which requires both hands to be free. In this case, you would need a magnifier on a stand that can be easily positioned where you need it.

It has been recommended that one of the best reading tools for anyone with low vision is a video camera magnifier. These devices usually use video cameras which focus on the items of your choice and then magnify them on a screen.

Some of the features to look for in video camera magnifiers are:

· Autofocus

· Color and black-and-white displays

· Ergonomics allowing ease of use

· Glare and contrast control

· Compatibility with computers and computer screens

· Screen size that best meets needs

· Portability

· Memory setting

With video camera magnifier technology, people stand to benefit from glasses that focus at an intermediate distance.

On the other hand bioptic telescopes usually require a considerable amount of concentration as well as quick reaction times when it comes to driving. Each state specifies whether such devices are allowed to be used and what level of vision is required for a person wanted to use this device.

Telescopes clearly are an advantage for magnifying objects that are far away, in the same way that bird watchers and opera fans use binoculars. Television viewing is the most common use for telescopes, when people prefer not to move closer to the screen for a better view.

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