Magnifiers for Low Vision - the Budget
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Magnifiers for Low Vision - the Budget

When it comes to low vision magnifiers, many factors come into consideration. For starters, specialists like low vision specialists will need to examine you. Some of the issues they will address include:

·         Any possible memory loss of poor cognitive functions

·         The nature of your occupation or hobby. The expert may be interested in knowing whether requires you to look at finer details.

·         Whether you may be required to use bioptic telescope when driving at night, for instance.

Budget for low vision magnifiers

Shopping for low vision magnifiers is not a simple undertaking as one might think. You need to weigh in a number of factors such as the cost of the magnifiers. These devices come at different costs. For instance:

  • Video magnifiers have a price tag of between $500 and $3, 000, but you can bargain for a fair price of about $1500.
  • Telescopes range  from as low as  $30 to $2,000 but you can still get a good deal  of $100
  •  stand magnifiers’ best deal is $30,though their price range is between  $5 and 300$
  • As for Low vision reading glasses a price tag of  between  $15 and  $200 is the norm but you can settle for $25  if you buy over-the-counter)
  •  clip-ons(the simple ones)  go for  about $20

In some cases, medical insurers do not cover low vision issues; hence you may get in touch with charitable organizations. These organizations have membership listings and may offer financial help as well as suggest where to buy affordable ones.

Having said that, now you will buy any of the above depending on what you need. It is however important to bear in mind that consultation with an expert is paramount so that you get a low vision magnifier that best suits your needs.

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