Low Vision: What Causes It?
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Low Vision: What Causes It?

By definition, low vision is considered as a loss of eyesight that makes use of sight for everyday activities almost untenable. People with low vision are unable to undertake a number of activities like reading, watching television, driving or even identifying people they are familiar with.

Causes of Low vision

There are a number of causes of low vision as we shall find out here.

Macular degeneration

Macular degeneration refers to the damage that occurs in the eye on the light sensitive part. This is usually the part where images on the retina form.

Diabetic Retinopathy

People with diabetic conditions suffer from low vision. This is because the diabetes causes the blood vessels to leak and as a result, lead to decreased vision.

Retinitis pigmentosa

This is an inherited disease that has been responsible for night blindness in children. These diseases may in extreme cases cause total loss of eyesight especially in children and adolescents.


Yet another cause of low vision is the clouding of the part or the entire of the lens of the eye, leading to low vision.


Glaucoma refers to the damage occurring on the optic nerve. The damage is caused by internal pressure in the eye causing the fluids within the eye. Lack of proper flow of blood or supply thereof can cause the optic nerve to get damaged, leading to low vision.

Brain Injury

People with brain injury have high propensity to low vision. Such people suffer from poor judgment of place, confusion, dizziness, problem with balance among other symptoms.

These are not the only causes of low vision but the major ones. It is advisable that people experiencing any of the above to visit specialists who will be able to examine and accurately determine the extent of the eye condition.

Indian Mich is Using portable video magnifier-Dove to read book.

Indian Mich is Using Dove to read book.

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