Common Features for Portable Video Magnifiers
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Common Features for Portable Video Magnifiers

Portable video magnifiers come with various features. These are discussed here below:


Portable video magnifiers come with monitors of different sizes. Generally speaking, he larger the size of the screen, the larger the space they take up, which is a disadvantage. The desktop types are preferable in terms of space utilization, especially the flat screen ones.

X/Y tray

The versatility of x/y tray is in the fact that they can accommodate various materials, albeit more space is needed for this function. In such a scenario, then the desk space would be needed to allow the side and front and back movements of the x/y tray. This is in fact an important consideration that you have to make when acquiring portable video magnifiers.

Magnification Range

Not all portable video magnifiers have the same range of magnification; some have high other s medium and others have low. Apart from the manufacturer’s specification, the rule of the thumb is that the more the magnification, the less of the magnified space can be seen and vice versa. Ensure that you get an overview mode so that you can be able to start with low magnification and increase as the need arises.

Colour of display

As a matter of fact, some portable video magnifiers come with black and white display especially for those who want to read text or newspapers; others, on the other hand will come with full colour display. What distinguishes both is the fact that the full colour ones are more expensive than the black and white ones. This is an important consideration when buying one.

Reverse Video

For those people who experience too much light that is blinding, this feature helps change the black text on white paper so that they appear as white letters on a black surface.

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