1. 1. Q. What should I do if my device not charging ?
A. Please check if the power supply is properly connected. And, please make sure the outlet has power. Or, you can change to another battery to see if it can work.
If still not work, send the e-mail to sales@freedom-eyes.com .We would help you immediately after receiving your email..

2. Q. What should I do if the screen of device is black ?
A. Please make sure the power is on and the battery is not out of power. Also, make sure the reading material is below the crosshair. Or, you can decrease the magnification level . If you still caní»t solve the problem, please email us for help.

3. Q. My device is connected to TV, but why no image appear on the screen ?
A. Please make sure the TV is on . And, make sure you use the cable supplied and the output connection is correct.

4.Q.What should I do if there are some Smudges or blemishes on the screen ?
A .Please gently clean the camera and screen with soft cloth supplied.

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