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The FE013 LED magnifier can either be handheld or can be unfolded to get support from its base and stand on its own. It produces light through activation whereby a voltage gets to be applied to the light emitting diodes. This results to combination of electrons to the magnifier thereby causing energy to be released.  It is therefore possible to magnify texts and videos through this gadget to make it easy for those with eye sight challenges to see clearly.

There are many types of LED magnifiers which include edge lit LED. This works by forming the light emitting diodes around its screen rim. This light is hence spread evenly to enable the screen give a good capture. Another type is the LED backlight which works specifically behind the screen. With this, it is difficult to adjust its brightness making it uncommon for usage. There is dynamic backlight which is an individually controlled LED capable of controlling light on the screen.

It is usually beneficial to use LED magnifiers because of their low consumption rate which in turn pulls down power expenditure in general. LED also emit low heat which is a good source for light conversion. It is regarded as highly efficient and good enough for many homes. These magnifiers give it right through brighter light, which results to accuracy and a clear vision.  These magnifiers can be used as handheld or you may opt to put them as standalone depending on the nature of your work at that particular time. Their flexibility in terms of usage makes them highly favored by many. We can’t forget that they are duly durable and can last for so many hours without being charged. It also comes in a magnificent design which is highly portable and can be carried along to the field.


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