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If you want to magnify any kind of material be it pictures or text, then this portable video magnifier can take you great heights with your mission. It is quite easy to use and all the accessories are clearly labeled for ease of identification. It has proved to give up to 70 times magnification ability. It has got a freeze button which when switched also defreeze the current image. This is probably when you want to concentrate on something different apart from what is being shown on screen.  The wire magnifier is easy to use and offers guidelines to make the connection be regarded an easy task.

This portable video magnifier has a zoom button to enable you either zoom in or out depending on what you want to view. At times you may want to increase the fonts or sizes of the pictures and that is when this feature comes in handy. Other accessories included within include the A/C adapter which has got a video out cable and a power in for letting in power. These you can use with any kind of monitor or television because it is highly compatible with them.  its compatibility nature has placed it a head of other video magnifiers.

The video mode is another key area which this portable video magnifier is highly favored for. You can switch to full color mode if you want to see pictures in real video form. It also helps in promoting originality of the picture in question. You could also opt for black and white mode to show some uniformity of the pictures. Many people who have got eye problems would prefer the black and white mode because bright images may cause eye sight interferences.  Some other modes which are supported include high contrast positive and high contrast negative modes.

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