Video Magnifiers: The Different Types
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Video Magnifiers: The Different Types

These devices consist of a camera that magnifies an image onto a display screen which may be a part of it or attached to it. Most models can be able to be adjusted with regards to contrast and magnification to suit the user although the different types usually vary considerably. Also some models have black and white images or colored ones depending on it. They are also quite expensive and it is usually advised to try them out first before purchasing.

There are different types of video magnifiers as shown below:

· Pocket handheld video magnifiers: they usually provide a magnified image on an integrated screen. Many of them usually give the user a choice of contrast modes and can also capture the image so you don’t have to keep the magnifier fixed on the original image. Some can be attached to a t.v screen or monitor.

· Portable video magnifiers: these are portable , though not pocket sized, devices that come with a screen which provides users with the magnified image. The camera and screen are usually separate units that are connected with a cable. The magnification range for these devices usually tends to be limited as compared to desktop video magnifiers.

· Video magnifiers requiring connection to tv or pc: these magnifiers usually provide their users with a magnified image when connected to either the t.v or p.c screen. They normally include a handheld camera that looks like a computer mouse and which rests on the original image and can be moved across the image or the object. It can also be similar in appearance to a desktop lamp which has its head containing the camera and can be angled to sit above the document. The magnification range for these cameras depends on the size of the t.v or p.c screen.

· Desktop video magnifiers: these are devices with the camera and screen combined into one and are desktop mounted rather than portable. Printed materials are placed on a reading table which can be moved left, right or forward, backward. They are suitable for writing as there is space for writing under the camera.

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