Low Vision: How It Affects Your Sight
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Low Vision: How It Affects Your Sight

Low vision is a kind of eye sight loss that makes doing everyday tasks hard. A person who has low vision may find it hard to do activities such as writing, reading, watching television, driving a car or even shopping.

Low vision usually can’t be improved with regular eye glasses, surgery or medicine. People who have low vision need some form of assistance to make the most of their remaining sight as well as keep their independence. When you find yourself having low vision, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you give up your activities but rather find new ways of doing them.

Patterns of vision and vision loss

Central vision

This refers to the detailed vision that we make use of when looking directly at something or someone. AMD (macular degeneration) usually affects this type of vision. Also Diabetic retinopathy can affect it too.

Peripheral vision

When you see things around the edges of your eye sight then that is peripheral vision. It is usually affected by Glaucoma first. Strokes can also affect one side of the peripheral vision.

Contrast sensitivity

This is the ability to distinguish objects of similar tones or facial features. Any type of eye problem usually affects contrast sensitivity in one way or the other.

Depth perception

This refers to the ability of judging the position of objects. When you have vision loss in one eye, your depth perception is affected such as the height of something.

What to do if you are experiencing low vision

It always comes as a shocker when you realize you have vision loss and it usually can’t be reversed. Try and recognize the frustration and anger you may feel and get help working through these feelings. You should also apply the strategies of vision rehabilitation to stay active, including the use of low vision aids.

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