Low Vision Magnifiers
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Low Vision Magnifiers

People who happen to have low vision usually need extra help beyond what ordinary contact lenses or eye glasses can give. If you happen to be affected by this condition it is important that you understand that there are no magic glasses.

Eyeglasses can correct errors of refractiveness such a being far sighted or being near sighted but they hardly work for permanent blind spots in your visual field. These spots may be caused by diseases such as age related macular degeneration or glaucoma or if you happen to sustain an injury to the eye. However, various configurations of magnifiers and video camera magnifiers can be helpful for the part of the visual field that blind spots have caused loss of vision.

You should be aware that one size does not fit all when it comes to low vision devices, therefore what worked with another person may not necessarily work for you because a person with central vision loss will not benefit from a device of one with peripheral vision loss.

You should therefore not buy an expensive device in a rush but rather check with an expert about all possible alternatives you can use. You also need to know what it is will make you comfortable and communicate the same to your specialist.

Low vision magnifiers are generally available in these categories:

· Video camera magnifiers

· Low vision reading glasses

· Telescopes

· Magnifiers mounted on eye glasses

· Handheld or stand magnifiers


Generally specialists advice the use of video camera magnifiers rather than common magnifiers since they can capture a wide field of view.

If you happen to have low vision you should try out these magnifiers and devices first before rushing to buy first. You can also seek the advice of sales and marketing staff in low vision devices to help you make the best choice.

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