Causes and Symptoms of Low Vision
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Causes and Symptoms of Low Vision

Eye diseases such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma among others greatly lead to low vision. Low vision can also be due to injuries sustained by the eye. Eye conditions commonly affect older people but they can at any age to anyone. However you should note that the normal aging of the eye is not cause enough for low vision.

If you happen to have or be at risk of cancer of the eye, brain injury or albinism, then you are also at a great risk of experiencing low vision.

You should ensure that you get the services of an ophthalmologist so as to diagnose eye diseases and treat them if they can or start the process of rehabilitating your vision if you have low vision.

Signs and symptoms of low vision

When you have low vision, attending to your regular day to day tasks becomes a bit difficult- even with contact lenses, regular glasses, medicine or surgery. Some of the signs of vision loss include:

· Difficulty in reading and writing

· Difficulty in recognizing faces

· Difficulty in driving a car

· Straining when watching television

· Trouble picking out and matching the color of your clothes

· You may seemingly view lights being dimmer than usual, hence making work difficult to do.

It may also be difficult to manage glare or set dials.

Some people, around 20-30%, with low vision tend to see life like images that they know are not real. This is referred to as the Charles Bonnet Syndrome and it is usually important to note that this is not a loss of mental capacity but rather a part of the process of vision loss. it is quite helpful to think of it as a way of the brain to replace images which it can’t get by those it already has.

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