Types of Reading Magnifiers
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Types of Reading Magnifiers

Reading magnifiers are a type of special lenses that enlarge the small prints to enable people with low vision be able to read like normal people. There are various types of reading magnifiers found in shops today, depending on the nature of the vision; you will get the right ones just for you.

Types of reading magnifiers

Reading magnifiers for vision exist in the given categories below:

1. Low vision reading glasses

2. Telescopes

3. Video magnifiers

4. Stand magnifiers

5. Magnifiers on glasses

How is each of these reading magnifiers helpful to different people?

You will agree with me that you may need not use the above reading glasses for the same reason. Different people will use any of the above for different reasons. For instance:

· If you are reading product labels or smaller print versions like mails, then a hand held reading magnifier would be most suitable for this function.

· A magnifier mounted on eyeglasses would find great use in a mechanic as his work will require his hands to be free so that they can work in wielding an obscure part, for instance.

· To  have a better view of an image, say in a classroom situation, a student  will find  great use in a telescope that is attached to a camera magnifier

How to use reading magnifiers

For first timers, it may prove cumbersome to use the magnifiers. This need not be the case if you understand the following steps:

· The reading the magnifier should be always is kept at a distance between the eye and the object to be observed. To determine just the right distance, move the magnifier back and forth till you get a sharp image.

· For the more powerful ones, you should hold the magnifier closer. You may also bring the object closer to the magnifier.

· For partial vision, you should also adjust it to good view, only that it’s the eyes that should move closer.

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