Low Vision - Symptoms, Testing and Treatment
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Low Vision - Symptoms, Testing and Treatment

Low vision is the inability of the eyes to perceive normally due to a number of factors. The result is decreased ability to see properly. How can you tell that someone is suffering from low vision? The below signs will help you determine if they have low vision.

· Such people are unable to recognize objects at a distance. Such objects may be in the form of living things like people, inanimate ones like road signs or moving objects like vehicles

· Such people have difficulty in differentiating certain colours such as those in the green to blue range.

· Low vision is not only limited to distant objects but close ones too. People with this condition will have difficulty doing certain things like reading a book or cooking.


Once low vision has been suspected, an expert will carry out certain tests to determine two main things:

1. Refraction testing to assess what glasses will be suitable for your eyes, that is, if at all you will be prescribed any at all.

2. Use of visual field to determine the peripheral vision of the eyes.

Some of these tests are done severally and in particular the refraction ones. This is done to ensure you get just the right lenses for the eyes.

Treatment for low vision

There are a variety of treatment options available for low vision. These include:

· Devices such as magnifiers are used to make small objects appear larger; you may prescribed close circuit television for peripheral visions among others

· You may be advised to live in environmentally enhanced areas to improve your vision

· Even without use of optical devices, you may opt to use large print books and say, talking devices like watches to eliminate the need to peer to check time.

                        Other available options may include low visual equipment as well as use of  therapy.

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