Introducing the Portable Video Magnifiers
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Introducing the Portable Video Magnifiers

Portable magnifiers or hand held video magnifiers utilizes the CCTV technology to display images on TV screen or monitors of computers. They are electronic in nature and are mostly used with people suffering from low vision. This class of people uses these devices to read the fine print. Whilst some portable video magnifiers come connected to their own monitor or screen, others have them separate. The other name for portable video magnifiers is closed circuit televisions or CCTV in short.

There are two categories of video magnifiers: Desktop video magnifiers and portable. In this article, we are mainly focusing on the portable video magnifiers.

Types of portable video magnifiers

There are a number of types of video magnifiers in the market today. These are;

1. TV-Linked Camera-Mouse Models-This model bears close semblance to a large computer mouse. This so called mouse unit to a television. If for instance you want to scan a document, you simply move the camera on the document and it is illuminated.

2. Dual system-dual systems are a type of portable video magnifiers which as the name suggests, combines both the portable and the desktop features.

3. Single unit handheld models-these ones have smaller screens and can be recharged using battery. These single units are usually preferred to be used for reading finer details such as addresses on mails, bus schedules, looking at labels in supermarkets and so on.

4. Video telescopes- as examples of portable magnifiers, these devices have mounted cameras and mostly used by people with low vision when traveling, that is, they are used as travel aids. They mostly find use in reading road signs, signs on buildings and so on. They are arguably the only video magnifiers that can be used by pedestrians.

5. Head-mounted –these are usually placed on goggles and will find use when in stationary position such as watching television or reading.

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