10" Video Magnifier For Low Vision People

Special Customized Fuctions:
-Speech Fuction: Simply press one button to start OCR& Speech, tryied 

  by users at expos, only takes seconds to learn even for seniors
-Supports PDF files: provideing instant access for people with low vision
-Voice Prompt: The only 10-inch large screen video magnifier equipped 

  with Vioce prompt for fasterr&easier use in the market.
-Reader Mode:Ideal for reading through lengthy chapters of text
-Play Audio Files: Enjoy music by yourself, simple user interface for easier usage
-Storgae: Storage up 1,000 images that is second to none in the market and 

  allows you to take and save photos anywhere & anytime.


● Text-to-speech (in 20 languages currently and more are coming)
● Full page scan & reading
● Reader Mode for lengthy articles reading
● Close/Distance view & Self-view
● Audio file playable
● Pictures/audio files accessible in USB drive
● 1.5 G Storage up to 1,000 images
● 2-way image transmission between PC/laptop and device
● Stand-by Mode
● 2 hours fast charging
● Horizontal and vertical reading line and masks
● LED light controls (4 types in total)

Magnification 2.0X ~ 19X (non text-to-speech or reader mode)
Display Modes
Full color and 10 high contrast color modes
Screen 10″ touch screen
Screen Resolution 1280 × 720p
Camera 13M pixels
Focus Auto focus/tap to focus
Viewing Distance 5 m
Reading Line and Masks Adjustable horizontal/vertical reading line and masks, 4 types in total
Connection Connection to TV/Monitor through micro-HDMI cable
Input Port Type-C/Micro-HDMI
Battery 3 hours
(depending on lights, brightness, and frequency of photo scanning)
Charging Time 2 hours
Standby Mode Short press the Power button or stop using after 3 minutes
Weight 937 g / 33 oz.
Dimensions 280 mm × 190 mm × 20.9 mm / 11" × 7.5" × 0.82"

Magnification 1.3X ~ 8X in real time before entering user interface
User Interface Image user interface/Text user interface
No magnification/color mode adjustment is available in image user interface
Language 20 (more are coming)
Full Page Reading Available
Voice Gender Female/Male (6 languages available only in female)
Zoom Level (Text user interface) 7 magnification levels
Text Color (Text user interface) 4 high contrast color modes

Reader Mode
Lowest Magnification 1.3X (magnification is fixed in Reader Mode real time)
Reading Line and Masks Vertical/Horizontal

Text Color 4 high contrast color modes
Power Adapter
Input 100 - 240V
Output 15V/4A

Operation and Storage Condition
Humidity < 70%
Temperature 10-40 ℃

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